Web Design & Multimedia

Web design and multimedia professionals create content for different companies and businesses that is then put on the web. Web design and multimedia specialists work with different programs and systems in order to create web content, such as: text, graphics, animations, video streams, etc.

Training for careers in web design and multimedia varies greatly. Most colleges and universities offer degrees in fields that can lead to Web design.

Web Design & Multimedia Professionals

  • Design and create content for businesses that is then put on websites.
  • Use different programs and systems to create specific content.
  • Add text, graphics, animation, video streaming, etc., to websites.
  • Study at colleges, universities and other private design schools.
  • Web designers are employed by different companies to create content for their websites. Well done and appealing websites lead to increased traffic to sites and potentially better sales.

All applicants for this job will be screened by Career Gate based on their experience and qualifications. If you are identified as a candidate that needs training/ certification you may be provided with education opportunities through our partners. Career education may require fees for the registration and certification courses. Career Gate does not guarantee job placement after training/ certification completion.

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