Clear Objective

Writing a clear objective will tell the employer what you are specifically looking for in a job. You should include what you want to accomplish and the skills you possess that will help you reach these goals. This section should only be about 2-3 sentences.

Detailed Accomplishments

Give a detailed explanation of your accomplishments. Employers want to know what you did and, even more importantly, how you did it. This is a great time to brag about yourself without worrying about looking too arrogant.

Personal Attributes

You should write down a few of your best attributes, especially those that would be good for the job you're applying for. This will help the employer get to know you a bit better.

Qualifications & Skills

Before you write down every skill you possess, research the job position. By researching the position you will be able to see what specific skills an employer is looking for. Once you begin writing these down, only include those that are relevant to the company and job position.

Professional Goals

Talk a little bit about your professional goals. This will show employers that you have ambition and give them a better idea of where you would like to go with your career.

Rearrange the Order of Information

Make sure to include the most important information at the top of the page. This way employers will see the most imperative information first.

Bullet Points

Including bullet points will catch an employer's attention. Make sure to include the information you want employers to see in the bullets since that is the most likely place they will look.

White Space

Don't make your resume text heavy. You want your resume to be as clean and easy to read as possible. Don't feel bad if you cannot include every little detail.

Include Headings

Headings will help make your resume easier to read. It will allow employers to go to the sections of your resume that are most important to them.

Typography is Important

There are a lot of fun fonts that you can use when writing a resume, however, save the more flamboyant fonts for other projects. You should use a simple, clean font that can be easily read. You should also keep the size of your font small—12-point is preferable.