Criminal Justice

The field of criminal justice is always in need of individuals dedicated to helping keep their fellow citizens out of harms way. There are a variety of disciplines within the field of criminal justice. Anything from crime scene investigation and forensic science, to criminology and probation & corrections, fit into the category of criminal justice.

Those who are interested in getting a job in the field of criminal justice should work well with other people, have endurance and physical stamina, and be able to handle their emotions as they may be working in somewhat difficult situations. They should also have a desire to help others and be prepared to handle whatever circumstances may be thrown at them. A solid knowledge of technology is also imperative, as many jobs within the industry require you to use technologically advanced equipment.

Key Facts About Criminal Justice:

  • Most jobs in this field require you have some post secondary education, specific training is typically done on the job or at a vocational school.
  • Jobs in this field are projected to increase greatly over the next decade.
  • Those going into this field must be able to work well with a variety of individuals.
  • Criminal justice jobs are for those who can handle working in somewhat stressful conditions.

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