Auto Technician

Automotive Technicians inspect and repair gasoline, electric or alternative powered automobiles as well as perform basic car maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations. Auto Technicians analyze and diagnose complex problems with vehicles using electronic equipment and can be specialized in repairing specific automobile systems, like air conditioning, transmission, or brake repair. Automotive Techs also maintain an assortment of tools and computer systems in large and small garage repair shops.

Auto Technicians:

  • Inspect and repair various types of car and truck vehicles.
  • Can get formal ASE certification at a vocational school combining hands-on training with classroom learning.
  • Diagnose and repair motor vehicles using complex computer systems.
  • Maintain an assortment of tools and computer systems in garage repair shops
  • Job prospects are expected to grow by 2016 as more vehicles will be on the road and repairs will always be necessary.

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