Auto Body Technician

Auto body techs are responsible for the repair and rebuilding of damaged vehicles. Many people need a means of transportation in their everyday life and rely on these technicians to fix their vehicles when they are involved in an accident. If working with your hands and designing cars and trucks sounds like it could be your passion then apply today!

Auto Technician

Much like auto body techs, automotive technicians help the average person to get where they need to go by being able to diagnoses and repair broken vehicles. Auto technicians work with all aspects of repair and maintenance from tires and brakes to engine and transmission repair. If studying automobiles and repairing their many parts sounds like a challenging occupation then you should apply today!


Electricians provide the world with the modern convenience of light and technology. They can work in commercial or residential areas as well as a contract worker if they please. Because there are so many facets of the modern world that involve electricity to function, there are always new opportunities for employment and to learn new approaches. If you would like to be responsible for the function of the modern world then apply today!

HVAC & Refrigeration Technician

HVAC technicians labor in the area of heating, cooling, and ventilation services. Many businesses rely on regulated temperatures to maintain productivity. Perishable foods could not be transported properly nor could medical supplies without the help of these workers. HVAC techs serve not only businesses and hospitals, but also domestic households as well. If working in field that entails a great sense of responsibility and knowledge sounds right up your alley, then you should apply now.