Cosmetologists get to learn about color concepts, application methods, and chemistry. Sometimes they can work for high-end boutiques and salons, and other times they can work as make-up artists in movies or theater productions assisting costume designers with the backstage production. If looking fabulous is your favorite hobby, then turn that into a money making career! Apply today!

Culinary Arts

Chefs work to provide an infinite array of dishes for customers to eat. Their expert pallets and creative imaginations make them some of the most beloved professionals in the world. Those who learn the art of cooking can find a profession in fine dining, catering, restaurant cooks, and personal chefs. There are tons of employment opportunities and high rewards for those who seek to take risks with their original dishes. If you love food and have a creative mind then this could be the job for you. Apply today!

Graphic Arts & Design

Graphic Designers make up a large portion of the marketing industry today. Businesses from small to large are turning to viral marketing, websites, videos, and old fashion print work to campaign their product to the masses. All of this couldn't be done without the expertise of graphic arts designers. They get to fuse their creative side with their knowledge of computers to work in a relatively new and respected field. If you want to be a part of the creative modern world and have your work be seen by everyone, then apply now!

Interior Design

Interior designers are hired by business and homeowners to redecorate their residences. Often they get to work with large sums of money and purchase materials such as furniture, fabrics, and art to aid them in their process. If you have an eye for fashion and an artistic flare then this could be the perfect job for you. Apply today and start remodeling your career!