Business Administration

If you have excellent communication and leadership skills, and aren't afraid to run the show, a career as a business administrator may be for you. As a business administrator you will perform a variety of tasks. Some of these tasks include overseeing secretarial services, administration, payroll, conference planning and travel, information and data processing, scheduling, and much more.

Business Administrators see that work is running smoothly and things are getting done. They ensure that new employees are properly trained and doing their work correctly. Business administrators also help make important decisions for the company they work for.

Key Facts about Business Administrators:

  • Business administrators typically have an associate's degree or higher.
  • Those who are organized, and have strong communication and leadership skills do really well as business administrators.
  • Business administrators are vitally important to the company they work for.

Business Administrators make a competitive salary. If you are interested in a career as a business admin, apply today!

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