Our schools can teach you how to manage finances within a business. Accountants are responsible for overseeing the intake of money in a company and making sure all transactions are legal and accurate. Without their contribution companies couldn't moderate themselves and would fail. If you think you would be great in a job involving numbers and money then apply now and embark on a new career.

Accounting / Payroll Administration

Payroll administration is one of the most important areas in the accounting field. They are responsible for the processing of payment for workers in a business. Payroll administrators must make ethical decisions which will affect the company and are responsible for large sums of money at all times. If a career in the realm of finance sounds appealing to you then apply now!

Business Administration

Business administrators typically oversee company staff members and make sure that the business runs efficiently. There are many types of business administrators but they all involve the use of management skills and problem solving techniques. If you think you would be a natural leader and possess the responsibilities needed to direct a company then apply today and get started!